Stuntman: Ignition

The "Kill Stone" scene could be compared to the setup of a good popcorn movie... you know, the procedural action that introduces you to the hero's "average" day. If so, then the second scene, "Chaser," is the million-dollar, go-for-broke finale. And the level's biggest stunts follow suit. As a helicopter rained bullets and missiles on our heads, we took evasive action. We slid underneath semi truck beds, hurtled through collapsing buildings, nitro blasted through an entire city block and finally launched ourselves off a series of rooftop ramps into a fiery mid-air collision with the chopper. That's right... a mid-air collision between car and helicopter. It wouldn't be a blockbuster without a little suspension of disbelief, right?

The setting and genre might be the same, but "Kill Stone" and "Chaser" are two very different playing experiences. See the larger-scale extravagance of the latter below, then head to the next page.


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