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Stunt Track Driver Cheats, Codes & Guides

Stunt Track Driver Cheats

  • Toggle lights on track

    While on a custom track press L
    Submitted by Michael Christopher
  • Unlock Secret 3-D Level

    When you start the game, click on the Checkered Flag (Practice Races). Now "RIGHT CLICK" on the "tt" of "Mattel" of the title "Hot Wheels Mattel" at the top. You will hear the music change when you do it right. No go on and select your car and then start the course. You will notice that you are in a new track that's all in 3-D!
    Submitted by Michael Christopher

Stunt Track Driver Unlockables

  • How To Unlock Cars and Tracks

    If you ever wonder what the 2 question marks are by the tracks. They are two secret levels. To unlock them you have to go to the Trofey and pass the regular tracks you will then play a secret level and if you get a medal you unlock it.
    "LEVELS TO UNLOCK" 1.Greenhouse
    2.Pooltable room
    "SECRET CARS" When you first start on the game there are 5 cars. Go to the Trofey and play any level and you will get new cars
    Submitted by Greg Gourlie

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