Stronghold (New 2001 Version) Cheats, Codes & Guides

Stronghold (New 2001 Version) Cheats

  • Activate Cheats

    In the main menu press SHift + Alt + A. Now during a mission press keys indicated below
    Alt + K - Free building with no resources
    Alt + C - All missions available at the campaign select screen
    Alt + X - Get 1000 gold + 100 popularity
    Submitted by Darthmint

Stronghold (New 2001 Version) Hints

  • Beat Wolf Easy

    On the last level, get your engineers out of there vehicles and move them to the back out of range. Then get your macemen and (spearmen if you want) tell them to dig up the moat you might lose some men but it doesn't matter. You only need a path to the wall. When you have done this get your engineers to build as many rams as you want but keep your engineers out of them. Send your rams at the wall break through and destroy all walls and towers. It might take long but it is worth beating the wolf. When this is done send all your troops in and win.
    If your rams get destroyed build more but remember to keep your engineers out!
    Submitted by Darthmint
  • Phantom Horse

    This is more of a hint than cheat. First go to editor and make two knights of different kinds and send one to attack the other, then just before it gets to the other knight press disband and you will see a see through horse and the horse will still battle the knight.
    Submitted by uber awesome gamer
  • Never Ending Army Of Hunters

    First you have to put in everything's free code. Then you build a lot of hunters posts around your castle. When somebody attacks you, all your hunters will help out and fire at the enemy. Hunters are weak but when you have a lot they will fight well. And the best part is...when they die another present turns into a hunter...a never ending supplies of hunters. I have used this code many times and it works really well.
    Submitted by uber awesome gamer
  • Better Soldiers and Archers

    Lads and Lassies if you want to know how to make your army stronger, you've come to the right place. Now you may have noticed that if you leave your archers off of the walls, towers, keeps, etc. basically if you keep them on the ground, they will lie down and take a rest. Now wait a few minutes, your king eventually will walk up to the group, draw his sword, and begin training them in the arts of battle. The same thing will happen with all types of soldiers, however they will not lie down. You will see great improving in aiming in the archers, and in the soldiers, well there life is basically increased.
    Submitted by Lord O'Riley
  • Stronghold Tricks/Hints.

    Place 1-2 Woodcutter-huts near the trees you want to remove. I.e.: If you need/want to build in areas with trees.
    Baker / Brewery / Weapons&Armory :
    Build a wall before you place the Huts. You will now be able to build up against the wall. Now, remove the wall again and you can see inside the Huts from 3 more angles.
    Stockpile / Granary:
    When nearly full, you will get the message ; "Stockpile / Granary Full".
    Build more Stockpile / Granary in connection with the existing.
    If you want to "split/move" the Stockpile / Granary,all you need is to build in that given direction and tear down the Stockpile / Granaryýs you donýt want.
    You will now have 2 or more groups you can continue from.
    Use the same method if you want rows of Stockpile / Granaryýs with an ayle in between.
    Place Pits (small black squares) in a pattern ( your initials or a logo) on a plane area, then set on fire with a bowman.(remember to place a "Burner" in the tower you'e shooting from). Now look at the map....LOL.
    Stupid stupid animals. Bowmen can kill the bastards. Your "King" can kill the bastards; highlight the king and aim on the rabbit in the far end of the pack. The king will kill all rabbits on his way to the choosen one.
    You can also fence in the rabbits, but you will have to be quick about it.
    Submitted by None
  • Ghosts

    Buy some shrines and you will have a ghost of a decapitated lord.(he is hard to see, so look close.Only 1 ghost per castle)
    Submitted by None

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