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    Code Description
    GPS shows position
    SPIN## changes music
    OMNIPOTENT God mode
    BOOMSTIX all weapons
    JIMMY gets you some keys
    GRIPPER no sliding
    PUMPUP get powers
    ELVIS no clipping mode
    RIFT## level warp 01-32
    STONECOLD kills all monsters on a level
    DONNYTRUMP gives you 300 gold
    LEGO gives you another sigil piece
    TOPO full map toggle (use when looking at map)
    DOTSFPS ticker
    SCOOT# teleport to map spot
    Shareware Version
    Code Description
    STUFF invincibility, all weapons and keys, and a telporter beacon
    IBGOD invincibility
    GUNS all weapons
    LISTIT accessories
    OPEN all keys
    STIC stealth boots
    MONEY money and toughness
    KELLEM kill all enemies on level
    SPIRIT no clipping mode
    GOTO## warp to level ## (32-34)
    MOVEME# teleport to Map spot
    IDDT full map toggle (use when looking at map)
    AIBRAIN AI toggle
    ILIVE auto use health toggle (Same as pressing F5)
    IDMYPOS display co-ordinates
    IDMUS## change music to track ## (01-10)
    TIC devparm toggle
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