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Stratosphere Cheats

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    Enter these codes while playing a single player game. They will not work in multiplayer.
    * @GIVE ME THE ROCK -- Lots of rock
    * @MORE ORE FOR LESS -- Lots of ore
    * @TECNO FREAKS -- Increases tech level
    * @I GOTTA SEE MORE -- Larger radar radius
    * @ELECTRONS ARE FLOWING -- Super energy
    * @BAM BAM BAM -- Super shooting
    * @WHOOSH BY THEM ALL -- Super movement
    * @ARMORED BLUE -- Super defense
    * @I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES -- Super observatory
    * @BUILD ME A SHAKE -- Super build time
    * @TALL TOWERS -- Raise level of command tower
    * @ROCKETS RED GLARE -- Super damage for all weapons
    * @WAS THAT A MOUNTAIN -- Take less damage from mountains
    * @WEASEL WEASEL WEASEL -- Skip to the next mission
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