Starhawk multiplayer guide

The Skills to Get the Kills

There are 25 skills that each player can unlock through gameplay and by leveling up. Each time you gain a level through acquiring XP, you will earn 1 Skill Point. Each of the 25 skills will require 2 skill points to unlock. You will also have to meet a prerequisite for each.

So while you may have built up a number of Skill Points you cannot use them until you have also completed the extra feat that goes along with the certain skill. Out of the 25 skills, you are only able to have one equipped at a time, so choosing which you want equipped can be a bit strategic, but thankfully there are some skills that absolutely blow the rest out of the water.

If you are curious as to which skills you have already met the prerequisites for, the text description for them will be green instead of red.

Skills to Choose:


Melee damages buildings and vehicles.

This may sound like a ridiculous skill when you read the description; I mean how long would it take you to destroy a building with a knife? The answer is amazingly fast. This skill is incredibly over-powered and you can take down a structure with 4-5 swipes of your melee attack. You can actually destroy buildings faster with your melee attack than you can with a tank. To get this you will simply need to destroy 3 turrets with melee attacks which is pretty simple since a melee attack can one-hit destroy a turret — even without this skill equipped.

Field Mechanic

Gradually repair any vehicle you are in automatically.

This is a skill that is especially useful for those who love to pilot Hawks and Ox Tanks. With this skill equipped, you can basically take cover and let your armor recharge so that you don’t have to worry about finding a repair power-up or hitting a repair station. You can just duck out for a minute and be back in the fight good as new. To help unlock this, you will need to get at least 10 kills in one game.

Weapons Mod

Larger clip size for all troop weapons and longer overheat time for vehicle weapons.

Having more bullets means not having to reload as often and we all know this can be the main difference between life and death. The same goes for the overheating that can occur when in a Hawk. With this skill, it lowers the chance of overheating and when running on foot, gives you the extra fire power to keep firing when your opponent stops to reload. To help unlock this, you will need to get the most kills on the winning team.

Quick Learner

Gain More XP

Everybody loves XP. There’s not much that needs to be said about this skill, but it’s a good one to have equipped every once in a while to help get those levels up and more skill points earned. You can help earn this skill by winning three matches in a row.


Never show up on enemy radars. This trumps the Combat intel.

When you have this equipped, just as it says, you will be a ghost to the enemy radar. However this skill can be a tad on the tricky side to get. You’ll need to melee kill 10 enemies in one round.

Skills to Lose:

Shock Trooper

Reduce Respawn Time

Considering the respawn time isn’t all that long to begin with, wasting a skill spot to make it shorter really isn’t all that necessary.

Rift Economy

Gather more Rift Energy

When you are in your base or near an Outpost, you will constantly be gaining energy. The extra amount of energy that this skill offers just isn’t worth the trade off for some of the more useful skills.

Fast Lock

Faster rocket and missile lock acquisition.

Unless you are constantly using M.A.W. rocket launchers and are constantly flying in a Hawk, this isn’t worth having equipped as your skill either. The focus of it is very narrow and while faster lock-ons could be useful if it’s your thing, there are too many other skills that would be more helpful.

Turret Jammer

Prevent unmanned turrets from firing at you.

The fact that Beam turrets seem to be more of an annoyance rather than a threat and Auto-Turrets can be one-hit killed with a melee attack, this skill really isn’t on the top of the list of must-have skills.