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  • StarCraft II

    Check back for user-submitted StarCraft II strategy, hints, cheats, or submit your own by clicking here.
    Submitted by StarCraft II Cheats
  • God Mode/Invincibility

    To enable cheats, hit enter, type the code, and hit enter again.

    For God Mode/Invincibility, type: terribleterribledamage

    Note: Using cheats will disable achievements; the only way to re-enable them is to start a new game or to load from a save point at which the cheat was note enable.
    Submitted by David K.
  • Cheats

    realmendrilldeep -5,000 Vespene Gas

    tyuhasleftthegame -Disable victory condition

    SoSayWeAll -Disables tech requirements

    whysoserious -Gives 5,000,000 credits

    jaynestown - ?

    terribleterribledamage God Mode, invincibility and increased damage

    eyeofsauron Opens cutscene menu

    moredotsmoredots Units/Structures no longer cost resources

    IAmIronman Upgrades Weapons, Armor and Shields by 1
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • The Lost Viking cheat codes

    These codes are for the Lost Viking shooter game that can be played in the Cantina by clicking on the arcade machine on the left side of the screen. Press enter during gameplay to bring up the code input.


    -score x: Adds an amount 'x' to the current score

    -ADDLIFE: Adds one life to the current amount

    -mb: Changes the background

    -LEVELCLEAR: Clears the current level

    -ss: Displays the "Boss Incoming" message

    sine: Displays the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi

    -BONUS: Ends the map

    -NOQUIT: Hides the "Quit" button

    -BOSS: Makes the boss appear

    behind: Sends a wave of enemies

    -LIFE Sets number of lives to 10

    -end Shows the ending cinematic

    -pu Spawns a power-up at the center of the screen
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • Secret mission: secret unit

    In the secret mission attained by destroying the civilian building in the bottom right corner in the Media Blitz mission there is a secret unit hidden.
    The unit is found when calling for reinforcements by going slightly up to a blue part of cliff behind the landing pad, the unit resembles a Murloc in a marine suit doing a dance, but unfortunately cannot be controlled or targeted
    Submitted by F333

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Easter Eggs

  • Make Creatures Explode

    Quickly left click any wandering creature a few times to make it explode.
    Submitted by CheatPlanet
  • World of Warcraft reference

    Entry location: Hyperion Catina
    On the 2nd floor of the Hyperion Catina there is a holographic dancer. If you watch it, it uses the same dance as the female Night Elf from World of Warcraft.
    Submitted by Øtaku
  • Star Trek Voyager refrence

    Entry location: Medic Unit
    The medic unit has he flavor saying "Please state the nature of your medical emergency."

    This is an exact quote used by the Emergency Medical Hologram "The Doctor" in Star Trek: Voyager.
    Submitted by Øtaku
  • Tauren Marine

    Entry location: Zero Hour
    If you go for the achievement of killing all the hives then you should notice him. He is one of the April fools units Blizzard announced as a joke. He's near one of the Hives (middle right i think) and when you see him he runs away into a outhouse. If you click on the outhouse enough it will blast off. =) lol
    Submitted by DreadWolf

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Hints

  • The Trusty 4 Gate (Build Order)

    Entry location: Multiplayer as Protoss
    The trusty 4 gate is a beginning build order that insures that you will have a good economy and warp gates early on.

    Building/Item SupplyCount
    Pylon 9
    Cronoboost 2 workers 10
    Gateway 12
    Cronoboost 2 workers 12
    Asmiliator (gas) 14
    Pylon 16
    Cybernectics core 18
    Asmiliator(gas) asap

    Now start upgrade to warp gates at the Cybernectics core and start getting troops and more warp gates.
    Submitted by TheHolyHandGrenade

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Unlockables

  • Secret Mission: Piercing the Shroud

    To unlock the secret mission, on the mission "Media Blitz", where you control the Odin in the city, head to the far bottom right corner of the map. Destroy the civilian building on a little floating platform there. After the building is razed, secret documents will be revealed, pick these up with any ground unit, and then complete the mission.

    You will now have the secret mission available for selection from the Star Map.
    Submitted by Cheat Planet

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