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Star X Cheats

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    Invincibility GSHARD
    Full weapons GSMAX
    Unlimited smart bombs GSBOOM
    Aquess 2 Level IGIFCDLC
    Aquess Orbit Level 2EA3QD01
    Egaon 1 Level NGK3QD0S
    Egaon 2 Level YGA5QSON
    Egaon Orbit Level JGIXASPT
    Birmen 1 Level FECXEQ51
    Birmen 2 Level ECMXUQXL
    Birmean Orbit Level IIC3ADC0
    Wolf X2 1 Level ZLI3CQQB
    Wolf X2 2 Level MJC3CQA1
    Wolf X2 Orbit Level EJI3QDC4
    Hades 1 Level BLCXQFVG
    Hades 2 Level YLMZAQVR
    Hades Orbit Level 2JAXABFQ
    Tritopia 1 Level MLI5ABES
    Tritopia 2 Level JTBFABRW
    Tritopia Orbit Level QRLFADTM
    Silicon 1 Level NTBFABBW
    Silicon 2 Level MTLNAQAL
    Silicon Moon Level ZSBPABEU
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