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Star Wars: Battle for Naboo Cheats, Codes & Guides

Star Wars: Battle for Naboo Cheats

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    one hit and you are dead -- CXSJMIAA
    swamp speeder -- XFIIYBAY
    (only works on sertian levels)
    sith infiltrator -- FRBPTDAY
    (only works on sertain levels)
    aat tank -- RQORACAQ
    (only works on sertain levels)
    heat secer missiles -- ABVUSEAY
    concert hall -- RECTVBAH
    art gallery -- JOBXXFAI
    (both concert and art are in a show room menu in the options menu)
    double your secondary weapon -- UYCZNCAX
    infinate lives per level -- LFZWKXAA
    all naboo type craft unlock -- NIZWAGAO
    (does not unlock the aat or infiltrator)
    unlock levels no bonus -- GPAYQWAJ
    view credits -- DIWMZIAR
    development group -- EOWXZGAS
    dark side bonus level -- FMRYLDAD
    all levels + infiltrator bonus -- JHGNRGAS
    Better shields -- HRDTOKIL
    Harder Moder -- NASTYMDE
    Waves in Water -- ADJJCCAY
    Submitted by Abel Lima

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