Star Trek: Tactical Assault

We all saw The Wrath of Kahn, right? Kirk wins the day by thinking outside of the traditional, flat battlefields we know today. His opponent doesn't consider that space skirmishes can extend in every direction, at any angle, at any time. So why is everything in Assault confined to a flat plane? Enemy ships (of the Klingon and Romulan variety) fly just above and below you, but this is more to keep them from bumping into you than it is an attempt at strategy. Come on - we have remote-controlled toys that can at least go in reverse (and there's even one that will climb a friggin' wall).

Even with all the Choose Your Own Adventure-style storytelling, our choices did not seem to make much difference in the overall story, creating more limits than options. We couldn't even talk to other ships or warp to a base to get repairs mid battle - a rather common if not questionable tactic – unless it was part of the pre-planned story.

The continued lack of depth and options makes us less certain this will even please Trekkies, besides maybe filling a gap on a shelf of unopened collectibles. Since we've only had one early-build disc at a time, we haven't been able to try the competitive multiplayer games. At least we can look forward to that.

Bethesda has delayed the release of the game until November so there is a chance they will add more dimension (literally) to the game and quiet a few of our concerns.


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