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Star Trek Captains Chair Cheats

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    Take over a Bird of Prey
    To gain command of a Klingon Bird of Prey, go to the Enterprise D, then activate the leftmost tactical station. In the space where it says "Spacecraft ID" enter 81598.
    Play a game of PONG!
    Go to the engineering panel on the original Enterprise. Click on the upper left panel, then click on the green flashing button. Cool! It's a ping pong game!
    Another Mini Game
    Click on one of the video panels on the station to the left of Spock's station.
    Play Breakout
    Approach the engineering station on the original Enterprise. One of the buttons at this location starts the mini-game.
    Play Memory 1 & 2
    Two of the video panels that are next to each other on the station to the right of Viewstation Two have memory matching games. Match the weapons on Memory I and the ships on Memory II.
    Original Enterprise crew information
    Click on one of the LCARS Access panels at Spock's station to display information about the crew of the original Enterprise.
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