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Star Trek: Armada Cheats

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    Press ENTER then enter one of the following codes
    kobayashimaru Mission Skip
    showmethemoney More $$$
    imouttastepwithreality Go to gamma quadrant
    youstopmecold Fast ship production
    avoidance Faster Crew Production or Enemy Ships avoid you????
    phonehome chat list in multiplayer
    screwyouguysimgoinghome boot list in multiplayer
    canofwhoopass Limited AI over ships Hex Cheat
    Find and open the file RTS_CFG.H in a text reader and modift the lines
    float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.5;
    float HARD_DAMAGE = 2.0;
    float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.0;
    float HARD_DAMAGE = 0.0;
    The lower the number the easier it is. To make it hard set numbers higher
    Hex Cheats
    Use a text editor to Change the value file rts_cfg.h in the game directory.
    Change TRANSPORTER_MAX = 5 to a higher number to transport more people
    Change the value "int cfgMaxOfficers" to change the maximum amount of officers.
    Edit "int cfgMaxCrew" to change the maximum number of crew members.
    Change the value "int cfgStartingDilithium" to change the initial amount of Dilithium available.
    Change the value "int cfgStartingCrew" to change the initial number of crew members.
    Change the value "int cfgMaxDilithium" to change the maximum amount Dilithium that can be mined.
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