SSX Blur review

  • Controls are accurate and amazing
  • Mastering all of the challenges
  • Freeriding around the mountain
  • Too similar to past SSX's
  • Unlocking same things repeatedly
  • Not enough instructions for tourneys

Actually, that “complete X to unlock Y” business is our biggest beef with the game. It’s an outdated and annoying system that shouldn’t be part of a game with such a progressive and wonderful control method. When you start out, you have nothing - no gear, a handful of über tricks, only one peak to ride. There’s a huge amount of collecting, exploring and challenging to be done before the game starts to open up, but if you switch to one of the better characters you’ve just unlocked, you have to start all over.

Another complaint is that there isn’t enough feedback in the tournaments to let you know what’s going on and what’s expected of you - the results screens obviously aren’t simplistic enough for fools like us. Oh, and there’s a jump on the Spring Break course we keep messing up so badly that we always land facing uphill. Improving our skills may be the only solution, unless it’s actually just a shoddy piece of track design.

However, SSX Blur is a full-on beast of a game on Wii, and for that we’re prepared to pass over such minor quibbles. Sure, it’s made of spare parts from dead SSX games, and if you’ve played a lot of them in the past then you might be more familiar than you’d want to be with the courses, but we’re glad they did it to this series and not Need for Speed.

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Release date: Feb 27 2007 - Wii (US)
Available Platforms: Wii
Genre: Sports
Published by: EA SPORTS BIG
Developed by: EA Montreal
ESRB Rating:

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  • AuthorityFigure - August 25, 2009 9:55 a.m.

    "Not enough instructions for tourneys". Totally true. It's mad how vague the instructions are. I think the collision detection is broken in this game, but the reviewer seems to have no problem... odd.

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