Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

  • Interceptor is still cool
  • Variety of action
  • Slo-mo car explosions
  • Not playing real Spy Hunter
  • Lame production values
  • Lousy aiming control

Despite the savage firepower, the piloting of your vehicle of the moment is diminished by a so-tied-to-the-rails element that it’s literally impossible to crash the car, smash the boat, or even dump the bike (no matter how hard we tried to have the Rock take a dive). You'll still be dodging all sorts of obstacles, though, like trains, armored cars, helicopters, artillery shells, and assorted deadly fare. Take too many of those kinds of hits and it’s curtains for your carboatycle.

Too bad that's the best part. Once The Rock opens the car door, it becomes the same third-person linear shooter you’ve played a hundred times before, complete with exploding barrels, numbskull enemies, "go through this green door" navigation guides, medical kits, and gun lockers. What’s worse is that the aiming is sluggish and if you happen to not do exactly what the game is expecting, nothing will happen. At all.

Surprisingly, there’s no discernable difference between the Xbox and PS2 versions. The production values are far from pretty – some characters’ mouths don’t even move during various cutscenes – while the driving and shooting controls could also use some work. Throw in some groan-inducing Hollywood dialogue ripped from the worst Bruce Willis explosion/romance (explomance?) movies, and clearly there could have been more work done to make the game better.

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Available Platforms: Xbox, PS2
Genre: Action
Published by: Midway
Developed by: Midway
ESRB Rating:
Rating Pending
PEGI Rating:

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