Splinter Cell: Double Agent hands-on

Rather than putting together stripped-down adaptations of the big, open levels from the next-gen Double Agent, the developers decided to create something more suited to current-gen limitations. A perfect example is the Kinshasa level; while on the 360 and PC, players fight their way through an active urban war zone in broad daylight, the current-gen version is a more typical stealth crawl through a darkened hotel. A little linear and disappointing, maybe, but it seems to work well enough.

Technical limitations aside, Splinter Cell: Double Agent seems to be coming along smoothly on current-gen consoles. It doesn't promise the same revolutionary gameplay as its shiny next-gen cousin, but it looks about as good as Splinter Cell can on five-year-old technology. And with a few new multiplayer twists, the ability to save anywhere (even on PS2!) and slightly different versions of the game for each console, Splinter Cell fans stuck with older systems aren't likely to be disappointed. 

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