Spider-man: the Movie 2 Cheats

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    Submitted by The Punisher 316

Spider-man: the Movie 2 Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by jordan bottom

    Unlockable Awards

    You can find these in your awards screen in the pause menu. There is a total of 40 awards.
    Shutterbug Complete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)
    Lover not a Fighter Complete all Mary Jane Missions (10)
    Employee of the Month Complete all Pizza Missions (20)
    Drenched Explorer Collect all 130 Bouy Tokens
    Knowledge Seeker Collect all 213 Hint Markers
    Game Master Complete Everything in the game (100%)
    Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio
    Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker
    Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock
    Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino
    hardcore gamer Complete all arcade games, with top scores
    Master Explorer All exploration tokens found
    Towering Explorer All skyscraper tokens found
    Watchful Explorer All secret tokens found
    Vigilant Explorer All hideout tokens found
    Silver Medalist Beat all challenges
    Gold Medalist Beat all challenges' mega times
    Towering Explorer Collect all skyscraper tokens
    Vigilant Explorer Collect all hideout tokens
    Master Explorer Collect all exploration tokens
    Friend to Children Return 25 balloons to children
    Peace maker Prevent 25 gang wars
    Bane of Petty Thieves Stop 25 purse snatchers
    Thug Mugger Prevent 25 muggings
    Watch Dog Foil 25 break-ins
    Anger Manager Stop 25 road rages
    Stick Up Artist Foil 25 robberies
    Partycrasher Stop 25 battle royals
    Lifter of Spirits Rescue 25 hanging citizens
    Sucker Foil 25 ambushes
    Automobile Avenger Stop 25 car jackings
    Lifer Preserver Resolve 25 sinking boat crisises
    Human Ambulance Resolve 25 medical emergencies
    Honorary Deputy Assisted 25 officiers
    Crime Stopper Stop 250 petty crimes
    Good samaritan Help 250 citizens in distress
    Champ Defeat 200 enemies
    Mega Champ Defeat 500 enemies
    Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino in story mode
    Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio in story mode
    Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker in story mode
    Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock in story mode
    Speed Freak Get max swing speed
    Hardcore Gamer Complete all arcade games
    Lover Not a Fighter Complete all MJ missions
    Hero in Training Accumulate 15K hero points
    Hero Accumulate 45K hero points
    Superhero Accumulate 100K hero points
    Mega Hero Accumulate 200K hero points
    Game Master Receive all other awards

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock All Special Moves

    Have the GBA game Spider-man Mysterio's Menace in the GBA Slot while starting the game

Spider-man: the Movie 2 Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Adam Thomas

    Take Doc Ock out faster

    Here Is how you take Doc Ock out. You need to make sure that you have the ball combo or item then keep using it. When you have one left jump for a item and switch it tell you have a refill. You need to make sure you have a lot of health so you don't die.