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    This takes version 1.02 of the game or higher
    During gameplay get the console with CTRL + and put in a code below:
    For version 1.0 of the game you only need to press + for the console
    Version 1.5 of the game requires pressing Ctrl + ]
    Application:GiveMeGoods(99999) - Get goods
    Application:SetGodMode(1) - Invincibility
    Application:FastHeroCast(1) - Fast hero Creation
    Application:SetFigureTechTreeMode(1) - All units
    Application:SetBuildingTechTreeMode(1) - All buildings
    Application:SetNoManaUsage(1) - Max Mana
    Application:SetBuildingFastBuildMode(1) - Faster building
    NOTE: Changing the 1 in the above codes to 0 will turn the code off
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