SoundRadar Episode 5 - To the Moon with Kan Gao and Laura Shigihara

Haven't heard of To the Moon? Find out what you're missing in this podcast

This week's SoundRadar focuses on To the Moon, a charming indie game with a fantastic story and beautiful soundtrack that was just nominated for an IGF award. If you haven't checked out the review yet, you can read it here. The game is available to download on the site, Freebird Games, and Kan has promised that there will be more episodes coming soon. 

The Host and Guests

The Content

In the first half of the podcast Kan Gao and Laura Shigihara talk about how they got into composing music for games and what it was like working on the soundtrack for To the Moon. In the second half, we venture into spoiler territory by discussing a few key plot points so if you've played it, listen to it! If not, we encourage you to play it first.

Note: This podcast was recorded before the holidays so the sheet music to River's Theme is already available here.


What is Laura Shigihara's favorite game of all time? 

Reply with your answers in the comment section below or email for a chance to win a download code for To the Moon's soundtrack, which can be purchased here.

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Post date: January 10, 2012
SoundRadar length: 00:44:07
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