SoundRadar Episode 4 - Minecraft with Daniel Rosenfeld (C418)

We talk to C418 about the music and sounds of this indie phenomenon

Happy new year everyone! To kick off 2012, we decided to go with one of the biggest indie titles of last year (or ever). Minecraft has sold millions, even before it was officially released. Not too shabby for an independent studio and it's a definitely plus for anyone who is attached to the project - like composer Daniel Rosenfeld, also known as C418. Those who have played Minecraft know that the music isn't what you'd initially expect, but the tranquil tunes do eventually grow on you. 

The Host and Guest

The Content

The sale may be over but we took the time to talk about the Game Music Bundle (similar to the Humble Bundle) where indie composers pool their music together and sell it to gamers for an extremely low price. Daniel shares his thoughts on the music and sounds of Minecraft and promises that there will be more.


Daniel has provided multiple codes for the Minecraft soundtrack so answer the trivia question in the podcast either below in the comments or email for a chance to win!

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Post date: January 4, 2012
SoundRadar length: 00:17:40
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