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Soul Blade Cheats


    To play as the Boss, Soul Edge, you must beat the entire game on the default (normal) setting with every character Now, go back into Arcade Mode and you will find the icon for Soul Edge in the middle of the other ones. Also, if you get all of Siegfried's weapons and all of Sophitia's weapons in Edge Master Mode, they will have new alternate outfits. lust choose the alternate outfit as normal to access the new one.
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  • Alternate Endings

    OK, there are two different endings (the sequence when you finish Arcade Mode) for each character. One of these plays automatically. Here's how to see the other one: Finish Arcade mode as anybody then wait for the ending to play. When it goes widescreen, rotate the D-pad (any direction) and randomly press the attack buttons. If it works, a different sequence will play.
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  • Alternate Endings

    There is actaully a method of getting the other endings at the end of the Arcade mode (one some you will have to bash the Controller randomly!):
    Voldo: Press Up and Down repeatadly when he is rubbing the sword on his chek, it will break!
    Mitsurugi: When facing Tanegashima, press Left, or Right to step of line and while he is reloading, press Up repeatatly and use a Horizontal (Square) attack to kill him.
    Rock: When his flash back has finished, press Triangle repeatadly when he is in front of he SoulBlade weapon.
    Taki: When the SoulBlade flies towards her, , keep pressing X so she can catch it.
    Sophitia: As she walks off in the woods, hold Right, you will see her wash her battered body.
    Siegfried: Press Triangle when he is in front of the SoulBlade swords and he will smash them.
    Li Long: Keep tapping the Triangle and Square buttons to give him the enegy to stand up and return to his wife.
    Sueng Mina: Press Up, and down reapetatly when as her father raises the swords.
    Hwang Tsung Soong: Press square when he reaches for the Soul Blade.
    Cervantes: Keep pressing triangle when the final battle is over.
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