Sony's live-action PlayStation 3 video teases mysterious Oct 5 reveal

Remember the days when Sony's PlayStation branding was all David Lynch adverts, duck-headed people, Bjork-looking CG waifs, and dudes with thumbs where their junk should be? Good times. Good, utterly nonsensical times. With the company's PR safely in the quasi-fictional hands of Kevin Butler, some of you may be missing those bizarre campaigns – but never fear, for here's Butler himself, tweeting a link to a video that's definitely about PlayStation in some way... even if that's the only conclusive statement you can make about the thing.

Before you start scouring every frame of this clip for clues as to what the mysterious October 5th reveal might be, take advantage of the internet gaming collective via YouTube comments, which have identified plenty of the clip’s game references. There’s the Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth van parked outside the inn, and wall-mounted Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, and Final Fantasy XIII weapons (right next to a Parappa the Rapper calendar behind the hostess). Also sighted are PSN logos, and an auspicious LittleBigPlanet orb in the tray. Best guesses as to what will be revealed range from the practical (cross-game chat) to the fanciful (Smash Brothers Sony-style). Check out some of our favorite screen grabs from the click on the second page (we didn't want to spoil anything for you).

Sep 26, 2011