Sony's free PS3/PSP movie rental for Comic-Con is… Godzilla 2000?

The company that put the Spider-Man font on the PS3 celebrates Comic-Con with a giant rubber monster

Sometimes, Wednesday is a weirdo. In an effort to promote this weekend’s San Diego Comic Convention, Sony has put the film Godzilla 2000 on the Playstation Store to rent free of charge.

Above: Those are the flames of ridiculous AWESOME

We get that you might be wondering why we’re getting The King of Monsters to promote a comic/media convention instead of, say, The Dark Knight or any of the Spider-Man movies (which Sony pictures actually produced). Frankly, we are too. But this is a gift horse you don’t look in the mouth. It will look, feel, and sound like Free, which is always welcome.

Granted, this particular film ranks roughly 11th on GamesRadar’s official list of All the Godzilla Movies Ever in Order of Ultimate Excellentness (yes, we have one – a couple of us are raging G-fans). But it’s better than the Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie and isn’t a half bad popcorn flick if you can get over the often not-quite-Hollywood-level special effects.

Above: Did you like watching this for free? Then you’ll really dig watching two more hours of it for free.


Jul 21, 2010

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