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  • Hex Cheat

    Note: This cheat requires a basic computer knowledge of using a zip program and a text editor. Please back up any files before changing them.
    Locate the file game.pak in the installation folder. Rename this file and use your zip program (Like Winzip) to open the file. Now extract the file\set\registry\lod.reg to thegames folder with the full path. Now use a text editor like Notepad to edit the file and change the easy setting to as follows:
    {health 0.0}
    {accuracy 0.0}
    {thickness 0.0}
    {burst 0.0}
    {firing_timeout 0.1}
    {health_increase 99}
    {burst 1.0}
    {accuracy 99}
    {thickness 99}
    {health 99}
    Now you can save the file and add it back to the archive. Save the back to the original spot and rename it game.pak. Now when you start the game set it to easy and your units will be almost invincible.
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