SOCOM 4 intel and Tarocco locations guide


At the bottom of the hill that you begin the level on, you’ll find this intel on top of a crate located next to the trailer.

As you make your way around the starboard side of the frigate, look towards the fences to the left.

Not far from an ammo cache on the starboard side of the frigate.

After you clear the enemies in the area, cross over to the port side of the frigate. You’ll find this intel on a crate near some trucks.




Before you reach the beach, you’ll notice two tents on the right of the path. The intel is inside the second tent.

Head down the hill leading to the beach and turn left to find this intel underneath the camouflage.

Head down the hill leading to the beach and turn right to find this intel underneath the camouflage.

Inside this busted bunker on the eastern side of the beach.



Fluid Dynamics

Just ahead and to the right after entering through the security gate.

On the first floor of the Hydro Controls building, near the stairs.

After you exit the building that puts you right in front of the dam, loop around the right side to find this Tarocco on a barrel.

Here inside the room as the flood controls.




After a checkpoint, you’ll be directed up a staircase on your right leading to a rooftop. Kill the guard here, and check close by for some intel.

After you plant the bug on the car, continue north towards a house with three guards our front. Go around the side and up some stairs to find the intel.

East of the car there are some planks leading between two buildings. Follow this path and you’ll come across intel on top of a crate.

Head east from where you plant the bug on the car, loop around the building, and up the stairs. The Tarocco is up high on one of the balconies.



Means to an End

Found in the Pukkang Slums, in the same exact building as intel #2 from the previous mission.

Instead of entering Naga HQ, go around the left side. The intel can be found on top of a dumpster.

On the second floor of Naga HQ.

On Razad’s desk in Naga HQ.




On a chicken coop in the eastern part of Upper Kotor Village.

In the village, look to the right just before the bridge.

You can find the Tarocco here, soon after you hook up with the peacekeepers.

As you make your way across the water, you can look inside this central area (accessible from the left) to find some intel on top of a barrel.




  • db1331 - April 29, 2011 12:06 p.m.

    It's horrible that someone actually had to play through this thoroughly enough to make this guide.
  • MoutonDocile - April 29, 2011 1:07 a.m.

    Great guide as always. Very simple and easy to follow. Good job GR.

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