Soccer Fury

With World Cup fever catching around the globe, a new online kickabout game like Soccer Fury might be just what we need to bring the world closer together. However, the heavy-duty urban environments we were dropped in to play 3-on-3 footie didn’t quite seem right. Our instincts were correct: Soccer Fury isn’t just soccer - it’s combat soccer. Your opponent is just as likely to kick your head as the ball.

Soccer Fury’s opening cinematic hinted that the game designers knew a thing or two about making beautiful games. The football arenas were arrestingly detailed, ringed by decrepit, graffiti-covered cargo containers and full of fast and fluid footballers. Not bad at all… for a game trailer.

Now, don’t get us wrong: we absolutely love great, stage-setting trailers for our games. But what do we love even more? Gorgeous, cinematic scenes that turn out to be actual gameplay. The opening trailer literally never turned off; the players whipped around the field with lighting-fast speed and martial artistry. Our jaws hit the floor and our wallets materialized mysteriously in our hands. And, thanks to the highly customizable skill, ability and uniform upgrades you can purchase to give your team the winning edge, chances are you’ll be reaching for the cash, as well.

Soccer Fury will kick into view early next year.


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