SmashRadar: Every unlocked character and level

The levels are divided into three pages in Brawl: new stages, Classic and Created. Head here more info on these levels. We have no idea if this is the final list or not - we’ll see once we get the game.

Images courtesy of Joystiq

Already announced:
Delfino Plaza (Mario Sunshine)
Yoshi’s Island 1
Lylat Cruise (StarFox)
Bridge of Eldin (Twilight Princess)
Smashville (Animal Crossing)
Rumble Falls (Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat)
Skyworld (Kid Icarus)
Castle Siege (Fire Emblem)
Stadium 2
Battleship Halberd (Kirby)
Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear Solid)
New Pork City (Mother 3)
The Summit (Ice Climbers)
Norfair (Metroid)
Mario Circuit (Mario Kart)
Frigate Orpheon (Metroid Prime)
Island 2
Distant Planet (Pikmin)
Mushroomy Kingdom (Super Mario Bros.)
Corneria (StarFox)
Onett (Earthbound)
Brinstar (Metroid)
Rainbow Ride
Hyrule Temple (Legend of Zelda)

Recently announced/confirmed:
Green Hill Zone (Sonic)
Tetra’s Ship (Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass)
Luigi’s Mansion
Classic Mario Bros.
Final Destination
Port Town (F-Zero)
Big Blue (F-Zero)
Spear Temple
Pokemon Stadium 1
Jungle Garden (Donkey Kong)
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