Smash Brothers faqs

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Smash Brothers Cheats

  • Different Costumes

    While at the character selection screen press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down
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  • New Character Views

    on the character biography screen Hold Z and move the analog stick
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  • Mushroom Kingdom in Vs. Mode

    Beat the 1 player mode with all characters. At the end you can access the Mushroon Kingdom in Versus mode
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Smash Brothers Hints

  • Borrow life in Team Mode

    In team mode under versus mode you can borrow a life from your partner by pressing START if you lose a life
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Smash Brothers Unlockables

  • Be Captain Falcon

    Defeat the game with any character and Captain Falcon
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  • Be Purine

    Defeat the game using Captain Falcon and defeat Purine
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  • Classic Course

    You must defeat Mario at Versus on level 9
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  • Be Ness

    Complete the game without continuing
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  • Be Luigi

    Finish the Bonus 1 - Break the Target with 9 characters. You can do his during Bonus 1 practice
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  • Get Item Menu

    In Vs Mode choose 3 computer players and pick your character to play. Play the STOCK mode and set lives to 10. Set the computer handicaps to 5. Win and go to the spoils. Then go to options under Vs and pick the Item switch. You can pick how often items show up! Lots of Hammers, Bombs you pick!
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  • Sound Check

    Finish the game with 9 characters(including secret ones)on Bonus level 1 and 2. You can do his during Bonus 1 & 2 practice
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