SmackDown! confidential - part 2

Given that the second game in each generation was the one where you really knew what you were doing, does that mean we're not going to see the next-gen consoles being used fully until SmackDown! 2008?

HF: No. For the PSone to PS2 transition, the team was so challenged by the technical issues of getting the basic game running on the PS2 that that's almost all they were able to do with that hardware transition. So this time, with that experience, realizing that making that hardware transition alone is a whole lot of work... we want to make the game progress as well. So we're doing preparation a lot earlier for the next-generation transition.

Colin Mack: This was a big thing we've talked about a lot, because it's a big thing for us as well. We've been talking about this for a long time, because we don't want it to be like last time, where all we do is just barely make it across... we really want to make a next-gen game this time. So they actually restructured the way their team works, they have like a separate engine research team now, and they did a lot of really good work, so they... kind of layered development... we've got this crack engine team working on that - and it's worked out really, really well. So this platform transition, they've done a really good job of making it so that we have the technology covered and we get to do a big chunk of features as well. So it's gonna be a much, much bigger generation transition this time.



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