Skyrim Word Wall location and shout guide

Labyrinthian – Shalidor’s Maze


Location: In the mountain range southeast of Morthal.

Shalidor’s Maze is a sub-dungeon that can be found in the Labyrinthian area. The surface connects three dungeons, one of which is Shalidor’s Maze. Clearing the maze can be an absolute headache but luckily you don’t have to. Simply follow the outside wall of the maze around to the rear where this wall is found.

Lost Tongue Overlook


Location: Mostly south and a bit east of Riften.

Dragon Roost

In two of our playthroughs this location has borne Meridia’s Beacon in the chest found near the wall so be sure to search that.

Lost Valley Redoubt

Become Ethereal

Location: South-southwest from Rorikstead or far to the southeast from Markarth

This wall isn’t too tough to get to location wise but you’re going to have a hell of a fight to reach it. In between you and the wall are a large amount of Forsworn of all stripes that can make your life very short. Even better is the scene that awaits you upon reaching the wall itself. Have fun with the two Hagravens.

Mount Anthor

Ice Form

Location: In the mountains southwest of Winterhold

Dragon Roost

Nothing special about this particular location in the slightest beyond the fact that it is located fairly close to the Shrine of Azura and thus the dragon may be killed while going to that site.

Northwind Summit

Aura Whisper

Location: Northwest of Riften nearby Shor’s Stone

While this is technically just a Dragon Roost the only way to reach the summit is by passing through Northwind Mine. Unless you are willing to take some serious risks with gravity defying horse riding that is. The route most people will take is simply through the mine. One you emerge onto the summit the dragon will attack, kill him and get your word.


Kyne’s Peace

Location: North and a bit east of Markarth.

In theory Ragnvald is a fairly simplistic dungeon – it’s comprised of three large chambers and you must explore the two outer chambers to find the keys to open the way to the Word Wall. Unfortunately these two chambers are incredibly large so it’s very easy to get lost. Even when you finally return the two keys, actually black skulls, to the sarcophagus to open the path you’ll have to contend with a powerful Dragon Priest, Otar the Mad. He’s been stuck in that thing for the better part of a few thousand years and he’s eager to take that anger out on you. Lightning resistance will help greatly since that’s his only attack and he’s the only difficult fight between you and that wall.

Rannveig’s Fast

Kyne’s Peace

Location: Southwest of Morthal on the far side of the mountains.

First and foremost know that this place is a trap. Those ghosts that are attacking you are under the control of a necromancer hiding out in this place. When you try to approach the Word Wall by walking over the grate in your path it will give away dropping you into a cage in a sub-area of the dungeon. Luckily if you don’t feel like going through all that nonsense just to get the Word then you can just walk around the grate, grab the word and then leave.


  • allen freeman - January 7, 2012 2:03 a.m.

    im in Angarvunde to get the word of power and evertime i go into the room after Medresi Dran (the woman who offers to split the loot with you) the piller raises up and kills her like in the video above, but for some reason eveytime i go in after her the piller kills her and goes right back down. thus not allowing me to get to the word of power. How can this be solved?
  • Ravenbom - January 4, 2012 11:48 a.m.

    I pretty much just use fus roh dah, Ice Form and whirlwind sprint when I'm overburdened and too stubborn to leave behind any loot.
  • winner2 - December 20, 2011 6:30 a.m.

    Storm call is one of my favorites, but two downsides : the recharge time, and the fact that almost every time i use it, it hits EVERYTHING but the one thing i want it to. Giant dragon flying around? Psh, naw, let's zap those little mudcrabs down there.
  • winner2 - December 20, 2011 6:32 a.m.

    Sorry for double posting, but btw, are ya'll going to do a daedric artifact guide? I think that'd be equally useful
  • avantguardian - December 20, 2011 5:20 a.m.

    ah yes..."running and leaping"...i call it the "bethesda hop". you can get pretty much anywhere in the game with it.
  • Y2Ken - December 20, 2011 4 a.m.

    Pretty useful. Think I probably use Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath and Frost Breath the most. Storm Call is quite fun though. Will probably use Become Ethereal now, hadn't thought of using it to prevent fall damage before.

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