At its most basic level, imagine there’s a large tree blocking your path. Zap it back 50 years with the TMD and it becomes a mere sapling that you can easily step over. In other scenarios, you can replace staircases to get upstairs, revert crates to their former glory in order to snaffle their ammo (all of which luckily works in your 2010 weapons) and remove brick walls in order to progress though buildings.

The Time Manipulation Device can also be used on human enemies, which in theory should reduce them to children or pensioners and thus make them easier to kill. For reasons of good taste, Raven have settled on your enemies devolving and evolving into some kind of gelatinous mass, which then runs around attacking all and sundry.

Enemies in Singularity take many forms, from the modern-day guards to ’50s soldiers who appear when you slip into a so-called “Event Echo.” Throw in mutated flora and fauna as well as parasitic foes, and it’s clear you’re going to be up against a lot. Thankfully, you’re equipped with some nifty contemporary weapons – pistols, shotguns, and machine guns – including one that has the ability to chuck rockets back at their senders. As the game progresses, upgrades become available, and the story also unfolds with the help of exposition-filled collectibles (a la Bioshock) for those prepared to search for them.

As for the multiplayer, Lee-Creel could only confirm, “It is time-based, and you do have some of the time stuff integrated in there… I’ve played it; it’s a lot of fun.” How much fun Singularity will be for us remains to be seen, so we’ll have to fast forward to later in the year to find out. …See what we did there?

Aug 13, 2009


  • JohnnyMaverik - August 15, 2009 3:07 a.m.

    "Luckily you’re equipped with a handy Time Manipulation Device (TMD)" "revert crates to their former glory in order to snaffle their ammo (all of which luckily works in your 2010 weapons)" Sounds like a bit of corner cutting is going on with the finer points of the plot and it's holes... especially with the ammo bit. But I'm still interested (as I am with any sci-fi fps) and will keep an eye on it.
  • nadrewod999 - August 14, 2009 5:27 p.m.

    Oh, come on, let me see some non-griefers. This game could let you (if you have great aim) turn your opponents guns, grenades, and ammo all into dust or rust, destroy a stairway they are standing on by pushing it back a few hundred years, create cover for yourself where there was once just a pile of garbage, or even make them be crushed by a container that was hanging above them when you age the supports! Plus, for all you people who love normal FPSs, they let you use the weapons (possibly even using your time powers to make weapons the enemy can't use (because they are rusted over) pristine and ready to kill with), cult ideas for all you sci-fi fans who want something new, and things like slow-motion fields to stop bullets and enemies for people who want a kind of updated Timeshift. The least you could do if you think it will suck is wait until it comes out, rent it, then give your honest opinion. Also, aion7, since when does HL2 have people from the 1950s, or ghosts doomed to repeat a horrible day for the rest of their afterlifes, or devices that let you repair aged things, or age enemies? If you want to say it looks bad while also having the feel of HL2, say so, just don't call it a bad HL2 re-make.
  • ali88 - August 14, 2009 4:25 p.m.

    With so many FPS games these days,i don't think this game will be any different from the rest of what already out there.
  • aion7 - August 14, 2009 5:14 a.m.

    Am I the only one that thinks this looks like Half Life 2, except bad?
  • MW3M - August 13, 2009 11:33 p.m.

    Could be something rather special. Or could be a mediocre 'Timeshift' disappointment...

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