SiN Episodes: Emergence

This killer serial shooter emerges on the PC

We've successfully captured a cluster of shots from upcoming first-person shooter SiN Episodes: Emergence, as well as an extensive trailer that treats us to a look at the game in action (check out the movie by clicking the movies tab at the top of the page).

Emergence is the first installment in a series of nine episodic adventures that revisits the world of SiN - first introduced to gamers back in 1998 - as HardCorps commander John Blade continues his pursuit of Elexis Sinclaire, a Dr. Frankenstein of the future with her own rather nasty designs on humanity.

You can pick up the first episode of Emergence in stores on May 12 or download it now straight from - though the download won't actually be playable until May 9. We're already locking and loading: Emergence promises interactive environments, mutant enemies and vehicle combat, with each episode apparently offering between three- and six-hour chunks of action.

We'll be keeping a close eye on SiN to see just how popular this experiment in segmented delivery proves to be and if it can keep its players hooked for nine separate installments. That alone would be an incredible achievement, but with a compelling set of characters, next-level visuals, and lots of opportunities to turn enemies into charred remains, we're not sure we'd bet against it.


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