Sin City 2 is for sale

Frank Miller is currently hawking Sin City 2 around Hollywood.

He shouldn’t have too much trouble selling it – in 2005 Sin City was released to universal acclaim, making $159 million worldwide from a $45 million budget. Which begs the question – how the hell did the Weinstein company let the sequel slip through its fingers?

There’s certainly something weird going on here. Rights deals last for longer than four years. They usually require a certain amount of activity within a defined period of time, sure, but we’ve never heard of a four-year figure.

And, anyway, it was only a mere 10 days ago that we were reporting on a rumour that Angelina Jolie was back in talks to appear in the sequel – surely that counts as activity?

Whatever the reason, it’s unclear what the future holds for Sin City 2. We’re hoping that Robert Rodriguez is still attached.

Because after The Spirit, if it’s announced that Miller’s making it, we’ll either kick in every camera in Hollywood so he’ll have to draw it, or we’ll go into a massive sulk. We haven’t decided yet.

[Source: HR ]

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