Available on: PS2

Simpson's Skateboarding Cheats, Codes & Guides

Simpson's Skateboarding Cheats

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    Go to the character select screen and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and then put in a code below while holding these buttons
    Get All Levels: Triangle, X, Square, Circle
    Get More cash: Triangle, X, Circle, Square
    All Skaters: Circle, Triangle, X, Square
    All Boards: X, Triangle, Circle, Square
    Bart with Big Head: X, Square, Circle, Triangle
    Frink with Big Head: Square, X, Triangle, Circle
    Lisa with Big Head: Square, Triangle, X, Circle
    Frink Cool: X, Circle, Triangle, Square
    Krusty Businessman: Circle, Triangle, Square, X
    Otto in Shades: Square, X, Circle, Triangle
    Wiggum Big Head: X, Circle, Square, Triangle
    Wiggum Man Eater: Triangle, Circle, Square, X
    Get $99: Triangle, X, Circle, Square
    Get Fuzzy Skaters: X, Triangle, Square, Circle
    Marge a Demon: X, Square, Triangle, Circle
    Lisa Gangster: Square, Triangle, Circle, X
    Bart a Gangster: Circle, X, Square, Triangle
    Nelson Big head: Triangle, Square, Circle, X
    Homer Big Head: Circle, X, Triangle, Square
    Nelson a Ballerina: Triangle, Square, X, Circle
    Homer in Tights: Triangle, Circle, X, Square
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Available Platforms: PS2