Sim City DS

Building roads. Negotiating waste disposal contracts. Firing missiles at Godzilla. Supplying water supplies. Hey. Wait a second. Did we hear you right? We get to negotiate waste disposal contracts? Oh at long long last.

How we jest and how SimCity DS jests as recent news places a distinctly stylus-flavored jocular twist on this SimCity 3000 port. The touch screen will not only be the perfect control for the usually mouse-dependent title but will also allow for some genuine city-pleasing minigame treats.

Above: Judging from these screens, your biggest threats in SimCity DS will be giant gorillas and a lack of understanding of the Japanese language... at least until the US version hits.

Setting off fireworks into the night sky, catching presents as Santa drops them on Christmas Eve, firing missiles at aforementioned Godzilla and pulling helpless citizens from UFO grab rays; it all adds up to being a SimCity with that cheeky DS twist. We can’t wait to get stuck in. 

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