Silverfall - hands-on

Alas, your choo-choo skill-choosing fun may be murdered by frustrating difficulty - Silverfall had us screaming obscenity-laced agonies to whatever god was listening at 3:00 a.m. Even the most basic runt peons you fight at the very beginning are rubbing themselves up with steroid cream. They will bombard you, and you will die. Many, many times, even after hours of grinding and building up your precious self. Running away doesn't work, cuz just three inches of computer screen later you'll encounter another foe-batch, and another and another, and they'll easily swarm, surround and annihilate you. But this is only preview code - there's every chance that the final difficulty setting will be somewhat more humane. At least, we hope it is, or this is going to frustrate a lot of players.

But maybe the challenge was heightened because Silverfallis meant for buddies. Although we didn't get any online playtime, you can trample through the 25-hour campaign with a special friend. Ahhh, you two will madly click to ecstasy, the friction of your index fingers creating a wild bubble of passion, until you both collapse into an exhausted heap of collaborative gaming satisfaction. Yeah.


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