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Silent Scope Complete Cheats, Codes & Guides

Silent Scope Complete Cheats

  • Unlock bosses in original mode

    First go to Silent Scope2 and access the arcade mode and and play. If you defeat a boss then you can replay it any time in original by selecting Boss Battle
    Submitted by Cooper
  • Get more time lives and credits on silent scope2

    First go to the options menu on silent scope2 and select game settings. Then go to story mode(this also works with duel mode) and you can change the difficulty time and lives
    Submitted by Cooper
  • Extra health

    For extra health, all you have to do is find a beautiful woman and look at her through the scope and you'll recover health. The women with the nurse's outfit will recover more health.

    Another way on EX (in Silent Scope 3) is to get as many headshots as possible and your health will increase by 3%. If you get an SS rank, you get 20 extra health after the stage is over. (NOTE: the grade is effected by how long you take.)
    Submitted by Joe DeCosta

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