Sideways is sexy

Anyone can do it facing forward. Our three-part how-to videofest will have you sliding it in from the side.

"Hey! What's up? I'm Daijiro Yoshihara. But you can call me Dai or Senpai. Now that you're in Japan, you have to learn how to drift. So look for me anytime you want to practice drifting."

"So, let's talk about drifting. You're probably wondering what drifting is, right? Drifting is all about pushing a car beyond its limits. It's about driving techniques to get the car sideways and keep it sideways wtihout losing it. You need to balance speed and drift angle by linking moves together."

"If you want to be the best, it's important to learn to link high speed, steep angle drifts together continuosly."

"There are two steps to any drift, so pay attention. Step one is initiating the drift. This means things you do to get the car sideways. There are many ways to initiating and learning which techniques to use is part of the fun.Step two is controlling the drift."

"Let's go over some basics. Gambatte!"

"If you plan on drifting, you have to understand oversteer. This is when the back end of the car rotates in the direction of the turn."

"There are many ways to make this happen and I'm going to teach you all of them. With rear-drive cars you can use the gas to adjust your drift angle."

"Getting your car to oversteer is a big part of drifting. But if you can't control your car you'll still lose."

"To keep from spinning out you need to counter steer. Turn the front wheel smoothly toward the outside of the turn and balance the gas to hold the drift. Keep the front wheels pointed at where you want to be going as you drift. Play with this balance until you get a feel for it."

"All cars drive differently so try to find a car that fits your style. For drifting buy a rear-drive car and for grip, go with all-wheel drive cars."

Clickhere to see the video - it's the one called "The Fast and the Furious - Drifting 101."


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