Shining Force EXA - hands-on impressions

Adventurous youths save the world once again, make you feel old

We%26rsquo;d think that with great power comes great responsibility - as a wise man once said to a fledging superhero - but Shining Force EXA%26rsquo;s Toma could care less about the fates of rival countries Noswald and Fyrlandt. At least that%26rsquo;s what it seems like when plucky, young Toma yanks the Shining Force %26ndash; the most powerful sword in the land %26ndash; out of a rocky cavern all King Arthur-style and is bestowed not only said great power but a freakin%26rsquo; castle %26ndash; the appropriately titled %26ldquo;Geo Fortress.%26rdquo; And he is not the least bit humble, but then again, Toma has some growing up to do%26hellip;

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