Shambling in your direction

Zombie Master

The concept
An unaccustomed whiff of real-time strategy enters the noisome zombie arena with this Half-Life 2 mod. Here, one player takes control of a personal army of the living dead and pits it against a team of human players.

The zombies
In a radical departure from other mods, Zombie Master is going to center around someone managing zombies with a point-and-click interface. Differing zombie units should make the project interesting for both sides.

The challenge
Could it play as well as the strategy-heavy Natural Selection, which pits human marines against aliens? Balancing the powers of the single zombie master against the wiles of a human team will be a tricky prospect.

The fate
It’s an audacious leap in the dark. If Zombie Master works it could be awesome, and we would expect to see it inspire further zombie RTS projects in the coming years. We have our putrefying finger stumps crossed.


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