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  • Beat some of the hardest bosses

    This game is one of my faves for GBA, but although the game itself isn't that hard but there is the occasional frustrating boss. (hint always equip stat improving spirits for the duration of the battle [silver horn, nizba, mosuke, ian, silver tail etc]it will help alot!) The levels always have something that makes you come back after, but the bosses always are basically the same. Just keep dodging and hit with yor sword. Make good use of yor decks they are there so if yu want to shuffle through for the right deck yu just haf to push select until yu get to the right one. (without pushing start)

    for Lycerg:Great Thunder Impalement+Mic helps alot.
    and for Silva:Celestial Slash helps
    for Pailong:Ian+Silver Horn help
    for Ryu:Amidamaru+Gussi Kenji
    for Faust:Celestial Slash+Nizba+Ian
    for Ren:Ian+Celestial Slash+Nizba
    Submitted by THE Master of Spirits

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