Shadowrun - hands-on

Not a chance. We started another match of Attrition - a typical deathmatch mode where eliminating the other team wins the round. Once PC Gamer’s staff put on their game faces it was clear that things were getting serious. Piloting a troll, PC Gamer ’s Editor-in-Chief, Greg Vederman camped himself on a balcony overlooking a busy section of the map. Armed with a heavy minigun and the Tree of Life ability, he was able to score a ton of kills by raining death from above while basking in the healing rays of his tree. In the end, the PC team came out ahead, winning six out of ten rounds.

It was a close and well-played series of multiplayer matches and everyone had a blast. But as excited as we are about Shadowrun, we’re more interested in the game’s impact on the future of first-person shooters in general. Should Shadowrun prove successful, you can expect to see many more 360/PC compatible games using Live Anywhere. After our hands-on session with the game, it looks like Shadowrun is ready to pave the way towards a brave new world where PC and 360 gamers stand united - one kill at a time.


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