Shadowrun - hands-on

We then spent cash to upgrade our character with a variety of weapons and powers from the Tech and Magic abilities in the game. We wanted to compliment our elf’s quick movement speed by selecting the versatile SMG – which is good for mid-ranged combat - and the kitana - which works well in close quarters. We then selected the teleport and glider abilities to further increase our maneuverability, and finished by choosing the resurrect ability.

The PC vs 360 challenge began with a few rounds of Raid, a capture the flag mode where one team attempts to carry a relic to a checkpoint while the other plays defense. To our surprise the 360 team mopped the floor with PC Gamer ’s proud mousers, winning six out of eight rounds. We had a blast teleporting through walls, floors, and ceilings to ambush the PC team from every direction with our kitana. When the PC team did manage to down one of our teammates, we were right there to resurrect them to bring them back into the fight. Could it be that developers had overcompensated with too much auto-aim, giving 360 players an unfair advantage?


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