Sex sells!

Oct 18, 2007

According to the Entertainment Software Association's 2006 report, 38 percent of gamers are females. These numbers are down from 2005, when the fairer sex reportedly accounted for 43 percent of the pie.

It seems that gaming continues to be a mostly male affair, so what's the best way to penetrate this demographic? Judging by the sex-filled ads we've seen over the years, it looks like the best way to a young man's wallet has - and always will be - through his pants. Read on and witness the most shamelessly scandalous game ads you've ever seen.

Above: This iconic image ran with TIME's first feature on computer games

If you're going to talk about erotic game ads, you've got to start with the classics, one of the pioneers of smutty software, On-Line Systems (better known today as Sierra). Roberta Williams may be best known for designing kid friendly adventure series like King's Quest. But hardcore fans will remember her as the gal on the right on the box for Softporn Adventure.

You can click here for more useless facts about Softporn Adventure, and head here to download this dirty DOS game for free with FileRadar.