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Seven Kingdoms 2 Cheats

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    Enable cheat mode by typing in !!##%%&&. You will have to do this for each new mission. Now enter one of the following Key combinations
    CTRL+M Show Map
    CTRL+T Get All Technology
    CTRL+U Switch Mortal/Immortal King Mode
    CTRL+A Switch Debug Messages
    CTRL+D Switch AI Info
    CTRL+\ Get 1000 Food
    CTRL+C Get 1000 Treasure
    CTRL+Z Fast Build Mode
    CTRL+; Get 10 Population in Selected Town
    CTRL++ Seat of Power Full
    CTRL+J Set economic score to 0
    ALT+CTRL+E Lose10 Reputation
    ALT+CTRL+R Get 10 Reputation
    ALT+CTRL+K Lose 20 Damage to Selected Building
    ALT+CTRL+J Get 20 Damage to Selected Building
    ALT+CTRL+X Lose 1000 Treasure
    ALT+CTRL+C Lose 1000 Food
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