Seven Day Geek: Star Wars Episode 7, Evil Dead, Iron Man 3, Amazing Spider-Man 2

A week is a very long time in the geekverse, with so many talking points it'd be hard for even a time traveling doctor (Who / Brown, take your pick) to keep up.

So, we've gathered all the week's biggest geek news in one place, so that those aforementioned Docs can get on with the very serious business of saving the universe / stopping his friend from shagging his mum.

We'd love to hear what you think of the below galaxy-shattering events, so comment your thoughts below, and we'll see you next week!

Without further ado, let's get started.

Play the intro Jennifer Lawrence!

The Big Event

This week's biggest Seven Day Geek story has to be JJ Abrams signing on for Star Wars: Episode 7 .

We broke the news as it was happening , then wondered if it was a very bad idea .

We also suffered death by a billion lens-flare jokes, because we work on the Internet.

Good Week To Be...

Iron Man 3 . If Robert Downey Jr wasn't talking up Iron Man 3 's action scenes , he was discussing the cameo possibilities of the movie , or falling from the sky in a brand-new poster .

Basically, the Iron Man 3 promotional campaign has kicked off big-time.

We expect a new trailer soon. On Sunday, in fact. 

Most Intriguing Story

When news first broke that Paul Giamatti had been cast as Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , the internet exploded with worry that the film would suffer from too-many-villains syndrome, otherwise known as The Curse Of Spider-Man 3 .

But we wonder if Marc Webb is doing some clever universe-building here; he could chuck Rhino in for an opening street battle, then forget about him until Amazing Spider-Man 3 , or even 4 .

We want to see The Sinister Six on the big screen. And this feels like the first steps towards that goal.

Marvel Round-Up

It was a busy week all-round for Marvel characters. Famke Janssen talked about returning as Phoenix for X-Men: Days Of Future Past . And she wasn't the only one .

A Doctor Strange movie was announced , and Johnny Depp probably started growing a mustache.

James Mangold continued his mission to make The Wolverine sound very serious indeed , and TV star Cobie Smulders was confirmed for TV show S.H.I.E.L.D .

DC Round-Up

It's a lot quieter over at camp DC, where all news is currently Superman-related.

We discovered that Justice League is entirely dependent on Man Of Steel 's success , which is doing its best for equality by featuring a female Jimmy Olsen .

We also got a great look at what Nic Cage would have looked like as Superman.

Delightful Discovery Of The Week

Speaking of Nicolas Cage, this week we found this image on Tumblr of someone wearing Cage's face as a cape.

Which is very obviously wonderful.

Bad News Of The Week

The most terrifying film you will ever experience is going to be cut.

Good News Of The Week


Moon director Duncan Jones is stepping up to the big leagues, with a big budget World Of Warcraft film.  

We love him, so this makes us very happy indeed.

If you like this sort of thing, then we heartily recommend's weekly viral / meme round-up . It's ace.

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