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  • Submitted by Fred Delles

Septerra Core Cheats

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    During play type F12 and put in iamarealweenie and press F12 again. Now press F12 and enter one of the following codes and press F12 to activate that code
    No Enemy AI makethemstopmommie
    No Spoken text hidetext
    Show Enemy Hit points enemies
    Show Line of Sight sight
    Show debug information spy
    Show frame rate fps
    Show .BMP format map mapmaker
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  • Various Cheats

    Press the ENTER key then put in one of these codes
    alchemy 9,000,000 gold
    gimmesomegrub Get All foods
    potionsnlotions Get All potions
    alreadydead Invincibility
    abracadabra Infinite mana and all spells
    nahkranoth 1 hit kills
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