Sega Genesis Collection - updated hands on

Oddly, it's clear that the 21st century gamer no longer possesses the manual dexterity or arduous pattern recognition capabilities that 20th century man once possessed. To give the modern gamer an advantage, Sega has mercifully added the ability to save at any point during any game. The Vector Man franchise is such a fast paced running and shooting game that it would be easy to spend hours even on the first few levels if you couldn't save. And has anyone ever been able to beat Altered Beast without cheating?  Thanks PSP, for your larger memory capacity.

Other than the added ability to save on the fly, the games are generally faithful to their original versions. But being old doesn’t disqualify these games from being good. If you treat them with love and respect, you may find out that old things can actually be pretty cool.
Take your grandma, for instance. She's old but cool, right? So is the Phantasy Star series, which may have slipped past you the first time. Phantasy Star II, III, and IV are large scale RPGs with anime-style character artwork. Set on a scale similar to the Final Fantasy games, this RPG was uncommonly serious for the Genesis. With Final Fantasy III, IV, and V all getting solo re-releases for the DS, it can’t hurt to pick up the three Phantasy Star games, along with 25 others, for around the same price as one FF.


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