Score 6,922,193,250 points! - amazing video

What’s that planet?
If you’re wondering why it looks unfamiliar, the video takes place on the planet Minzeroth in the Lamda solar system. You’ll need to link the Wii and DS versions of Geometry Wars: Galaxies together to unlock this solar system.

What’s with the mines?
Mine Layers don’t attack you, but leave a trail of mines as they stroll about the screen. When your ship touches a mine, it creates a chain reaction of explosions. Taking out enemies this way rewards you with bonus points on top of the points you’d normally receive for just killing them. That’s why planets with Mine Layers are great for getting high scores.

Above: Mines look like small green circles, use them to chain explosions and rack up extra points

Which Drone behavior was used?
The Collect behavior was used for this round. The strategy was to let the Drone collect Geoms so she could focus on luring enemies into the mine field, triggering a chain explosion for bonus points. Drones behaviors level up as you take them to battle. The maximum level for behaviors is 10, but the Drone seen in this video was only level 9.

Did they use the Wii Remote and nunchuck or the classic controller?
If you look carefully, you can see the targeting reticule that’s used to direct your fire with the remote. According to our contacts at Sierra, their QA team and most players at consumer events prefer the feel of the Wii Remote and nunchuck. But you can always plug in the classic controller if you prefer.


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