Scarface - tips and tricks

Changing rooms

Shot up mansion
When you first get to see your mansion, it’s in a bad state after being torn apart during the assassination attempt at the start of the game.

Basic mansion
Costs $25,000
47,000 rep points
This is the first interior make over, and all it does is restore the mansion to the state it was in during the movie.

Modern mansion
Costs $400,000
100,000 rep points
This is a really classy job, turning the mansion a cool gray color and installing a shark tank by the fountain.

Eclectic mansion
Costs $400,000
300,000 rep points
Costs the same as Modern, but uses red and gold to give a much warmer and homely feel. Better for the rep as well.

Making waves

Sail… The Fan Boat
Price: $4000
Reputation points: 5000
It’s fun, but very poorly protected and tricky to handle. For pleasure only.

Sail… The Attack Boat
Price: $35,000
Reputation points: 30,000
Quick and well armed, but it requires a henchman to man the mounted gun.

Sail… The Cigarette Boat
Price: $1,000,000
Reputation points: 250,000
This is the “Gun” version, and has mounted automatic weapons on the front.

Sail… The Racing Boat
Price: $750,000
Reputation points: 250,000
The fastest boat in the game, perfect for avoiding pirates and the police.

Sail… The Fishing Boat
Price: $350,000
Reputation points: 120,000
Plenty of character, but it’s not that fast and doesn’t offer that much protection.

Sail… The Yacht
Price: $4,000,000
Reputation points: 1,000,000
This isn’t particularly practical, but it’s the ultimate in luxury sailing.

The Finest Drives

Drive… The Odin VH88
Price: $160,000
Reputation points: 50,000
Slow, but great for distribution missions as it can take craploads of damage.

Drive… The Bulldozer
Price: $250,000
Reputation points: 100,000
The perfect vehicle for going on slow rampages through the Miami streets.

Drive… The Rattler
Price: $3,000,000
Reputation points: 400,000
Costs a lot, but this the best all-round car in the whole game.

Drive… The Ariel MKIII
Price: $1,200,000
Reputation points: 290,000
This is lightning fast, but only has the one seat and isn’t well armored.

Drive… The Albatross
Price: $875,000
Reputation points: 250,000
Good all-round car that looks fantastic and has wicked Gull-Wing doors.

Drive Bodog Stampede
Price: $8,000,000
Reputation points: 400,00
A Hummer-style beast of a machine with a huge assault rifle on the roof.

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  • BastianBond - May 6, 2009 3:43 p.m.

    I'm glad to be the first one commenting for this game... It´s my favorite one!.. Why?.. Because I do think, believe, say and almost everything of what this guy does.. "The World is Mine, Chico.., And everything in it!.."

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