Scarface - tips and tricks

The slot machine
Price: $6,000
Reputation points: 10,000
A poor relation to the Video Poker machine, but it has the benefit of being interactive if you like losing money.

The solid gold bust
Price: $1,000,000
Reputation points: 350,000
Sometimes you just need a solid gold bust chilling in the middle of your mansion.

The video poker
Price: $8000
Reputation points: 5000
Another interactive exotic and a mildy diverting one at that. Gives the mansion a real Vegas feel.

The pizza man
Price: 4000
Reputation points: 6000
What a jolly man. And what a really tacky statue - it really is just a small fat chef carrying a pizza in one hand.

The giant bottle
Price: $85,000
Reputation points: 120,000
We think this is the best thing around. Who wouldn’t want a massive bottle in the house? Now that’s taste.

The modern art
Price: $147,000
Reputation points: 90,000
Hmmm… that says “pain,” that says “anger,” that says to me that we’ve wasted our money on a pile of crap.

Manny’s remains
Price: $8000
Reputation points: 10,000
Manny was Tony’s best friend, and they were such good friends that Tony shot him for marrying his sister…

Gina’s remains
Price: $8000
Reputation points: $19,000
…and speaking of Tony’s sister, here are her ashes. She got killed by an assassin hired to take out her brother.

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  • BastianBond - May 6, 2009 3:43 p.m.

    I'm glad to be the first one commenting for this game... It´s my favorite one!.. Why?.. Because I do think, believe, say and almost everything of what this guy does.. "The World is Mine, Chico.., And everything in it!.."